Weekend Reunion
Unity Munch

15 years of Unity!

Join us as we celebrate the 15th Unity Munch Saturday, October 17, 2020 at the Baltimore Playhouse.

It's time for Unity Munch 2020, the largest annual black munch event in the world! Unity Munch has been held annually since 2006 as a way for POC munch and event groups to unite and show solidarity within our beautifully diverse community. During lunch each participating group will have time to speak.

Lunch this year will begin at 12pm at GrandE Buffet & Grill which is conveniently located near the hotel and features American, Asian and Mexican cuisine. Ask for Unity Munch when paying at the door. It's a vanilla establishment so please no fetish gear. That means no corsets with titties hanging out. Free parking. Lunch is $14 plus tax at the door for all you can eat plus a free soft drink.

We'll head to Baltimore Playhouse at 9pm for a fully-furnished, clothing-optional playparty featuring the hottest house and hip-hop music. Inside you'll find dozens of enticing play-stations, a lounge for relaxing and socializing, a little's play area, wrestling mats, suspension rigs, vendors, refreshments, and lots of cozy corners to bring your kinky fantasies to life.

But the party ain't over til daybreak, so after the Playhouse doors close at 2am, we'll rendezvous back at the hotel for after-parties and late-night hook-ups.

For those checking into the hotel Friday, we'll be holding a special Pre-Unity Cocktail Munch from 8pm-Midnight. Mix, mingle and visit the bar for hand-crafted cocktails and yummy appetizers.

No liquor, cellphones, picture taking, smoking or touching without permission at the Baltimore Playhouse. Use designated parking lots and whatever you do, do not park on Parkman Avenue. Bring a valid ID card and sign a waiver at the door. You and your guests must all be on the RSVP list in order to enter. If you or your guests are not members of FetLife you can RSVP by emailing Weekend Reunion with your legal name, and the names of your guests. Free parking. Pay $25 at the door for Baltimore Playhouse admittance.

GrandE Buffet and Grill: 9636 Fort Meade Rd, Laurel, MD

Baltimore Playhouse: 3010 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD

RSVP and Hotel location coming soon