Weekend Reunion
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Time to get Sprung!

Saturday April 6th, 2019 at the Baltimore Playhouse, brought to you by Weekend Reunion. $30 includes day and night access. Tickets are sold at the door only. Bring valid ID.

Mandatory RSVP here:

Day Sprung

12pm: Social Hour
We'll start the day with intros and casual conversation in the lounge area. The left side of the playspace will be available all day for low-noise playing, little's area, and socializing. Sprung vendors will be selling all the tools you'll need to sharpen your BDSM skills. The right side of the playspace is for workshops only.

1pm: Face Slapping Workshop - Dean & Violet
A firm slap to the face can instantaneously snap your partner fully to attention or send them flying into a trance-like state of euphoria. You'll learn how to use it as as a key aspect of physical and psychological play, and how you can even build entire scenes around face slapping. This workshop will also cover trigger awareness, gender stereotypes, and safe slapping techniques.

2pm: Sex and BDSM Workshop - Dyechotomy & Shulkie
Sometimes even kinky people need to spice things up! Watch live demonstrations on how to seamlessly segue consensual sex acts into your already awesome BDSM scenes. This workshop will also explore different methods of sexual arousal during play and drive home the importance of clarity and unambiguity when negotiating scenes where sex is involved.

3pm: Scent Play Workshop - Mistress Thick
Some might consider it a punishment, others a reward, but there's definitely no shortage of people who love to mix stink with kink. You'll watch how any odor-emitting body part (ass, crotch, feet, armpits, etc) can be used in a scent play scene for fun and/or humiliation. Best of all, no expensive toys are required to participate.

4pm: Playdate Icebreaker
Get your scenes lined up for the evening during this hilarious interactive social networking game. You'll find out who is available and ready to play, and what kind of scenes they are interested in, without having to leave your chair.

6pm: Dinner Break
Grab a bite to eat at the hotel restaurant, take a nap or shower, change into fetish gear... Do whatever you feel like doing for three hours, then meet us back at the Playhouse at 9pm.

Night Sprung

9pm-2am: Enjoy Yourself
Open play in the Baltimore Playhouse's 12,000 square foot dungeon. We've got the entire space to ourselves and will be playing the best in House, Hip-Hop, and R&B music. Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks are available at the snack bar.

3am-until: After Parties
Sprung may be over but the people still need to party. We've got the top floor blocked at our favorite kink-friendly hotel for all your late night socializing needs. We'll be partying at Clarion Hotel BWI until check-out or whenever you call your bedtime safeword.

Clarion Hotel BWI is a 15 minute drive to Baltimore Playhouse and will be offering a discounted rate of $85 for all Sprung attendees. In order to be placed on the party floor you must ask for the Sprung block when making your reservation. Call (410) 712-4300 and press "0" to reserve your room. You must give a credit card number to secure your reservation. Check-in 3pm, Check-out 12pm.

Sprung Cocktail Munch
For those checking into the hotel Friday the 5th we will be holding a special Sprung Cocktail Munch in the hotel restaurant/bar area from 9pm until closing. There is no cover charge and all Sprung attendees are welcome to drop by and mingle.

Baltimore Playhouse - 3010 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230
Clarion Hotel BWI - 7253 Parkway Dr, Hanover, MD 21076

Mandatory RSVP:
You and your guests must be on the FetLife RSVP list in order to attend Day or Night Sprung. If you can't access FetLife you can RSVP by sending an email with your legal name to rsvp@weekendreunion.com.

RSVP here:

Night Sprung doors don't open until 9pm. Mandatory RSVP. You must show ID and sign a waiver at the door in order to enter. No liquor, photos, videos or smoking inside the Baltimore Playhouse. In order to attend the after parties you must be a registered hotel guest.

Are you ready to get Sprung?