Weekend Reunion
Photo policy

Because we look so good in white

You may have been to a white party before, but you've never been to a white attire playparty for people of color, because it's never been done until now!


Put on your all-white fetish attire and come play and party all night in our massive 12,000 square foot playspace at The Baltimore Playhouse! Whether you want to be in a scene or just watch, you won't want to miss this incredible first time winter event. $20 gets you access to our fully furnished playspace which has a lounge for relaxing and socializing, a little's play area for coloring and candy consumption, wrestling mats, suspension rigs, photo booth, snack bar, and plenty of cozy corners and stations for you to make all your kinky dreams come true.

Weekend Reunion parties don't stop when the playspace closes, so meet us back at the hotel at 2am for more playing and partying. Our Snack Suite will be open until break of dawn with music and refreshments. For out-of-towners (and locals who just want to get out of the house for the weekend) meet us down at the hotel bar around 9pm for drinks and mingling.

It's January so mind the weather and give yourself plenty of travel time! No liquor, cellphones, smoking or touching without permission inside The Baltimore Playhouse. Use designated parking lots and whatever you do, do not leave your car on Parkman Avenue. Bring a valid ID card and sign a waiver at the door. You and your guests must all be on the RSVP list in order to attend. Weekend Reunion events are sex positive. All ethnicities, sexual identities/orientations and lifestyle structures are welcome. No intolerance of any kind is allowed. ¬°Vamos a celebrar!

RSVP and Hotel location coming soon