Weekend Reunion
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It's gonna be hot!

It's time for FIREBALL! The newest and hottest event from Weekend Reunion.


Join us at the Baltimore Playhouse for this unique summer celebration of fireplay and all things hot and kinky. You'll witness fiery exhibitions from your favorite fireplay aficionados, an outdoor cigar social, vendors with fireplay supplies, and sizzling hot BDSM scenes!

It doesn't get hotter than July in Baltimore so wear as little as possible and plan to play and party the night away in our massive 12,000 square foot playspace. Whether you want to participate, watch, or just do your own thing, you won't want to miss this incredible July event.

Fireball's unique playspace is fully furnished and includes a lounge for relaxing and socializing, a little's play area for coloring and candy consumption, wrestling mats, suspension rigs, snack bar, and plenty of cozy corners and play stations for you to make all your kinky dreams come true (and there's air conditioning).

Weekend Reunion parties don't stop when the playspace closes, so meet us back at the hotel at 3am for more playing and partying.

Weekend Reunion events are sex positive. All ethnicities, sexual identities/orientations and lifestyle structures are welcome. No intolerance of any kind is allowed. ¬°Vamos a celebrar!

RSVP and Hotel location coming soon